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IT & TELCO solutions
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Mediafon Group

Mediafon Group is a world-leading provider of one-stop-shop IT&TELCO solutions. The group specializes in a wide range of professional IT/TELCO areas, including but not limited to alternative fixed-line and mobile services, innovative IT & TELCO solutions, as well as End-to-End IT solutions & support. Mediafon Group provides world-class solutions in 50+ countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Mediafon Group

25+ years of experience

Mediafon Group

Millions of minutes and SMS processed each month

Mediafon Group

500+ customers worldwide

Mediafon Group

0.5 billion subscribers of our centralized database solutions

Mediafon Group

400+ servers and data centers under management in more than 20 countries

Mediafon Group

21+ million EUR in revenue

Mediafon Group

500+ partnering telecom operators and service providers worldwide

Mediafon Group

50+ team members

Mediafon Group

Mediafon Group operates in full compliance with international quality standards.

Mediafon is the only partner of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Lithuania.

Mediafon Group is a part of “MG Grupė” UAB, a TOP 50 company in the Baltics, specializing in retail, real estate, media, IT, and TELCO.

IT & TELCO solutions
Mediafon Group

With almost three decades on the market, our team develops pioneering IT solutions and provides time-proven services for both business and governmental customers.

End-to-End IT solutions

  • Cyber security solutions: Security Operation Center (SOC) aaS, XDR aaS, CISO aaS (Chief Information Security Officer;
  • IT infrastructure management: hardware, virtualization, servers, databases, networks;
  • IT procurement management;
  • Software development: .NET, Java, C++, Microsoft Dynamics 365

Alternative fixed-line and mobile services

  • Virtual operator‘s services for the national market
  • DID numbers: geographical, mobile, Toll-Free and VAS
  • Voice traffic transit services
  • A2P and P2P SMS services
  • CPaaS platform
  • Number information services

Innovative IT & TELCO solutions for worldwide operators and public institutions

  • Number portability solutions and gateways
  • Mobile device registration and tracking systems
  • Number assistant and management solutions
  • Broadband access switching management systems
  • Digital authentication solutions
Your career with us

All our projects are never alike. If your mindset is set on solving puzzles and you are eager to find an environment where your ideas – big and small – will be heard, do apply to one of our open positions or contact us directly!


Are you a rising star in IT and TELCO? We are open to all IT-related students who wish to gain hands-on experience. Apply for an internship at one of Mediafon Group’s companies and unlock your potential within our international team. For those interns with the most promising performance, we will always have a tempting job offer!

Our culture
Our Values
Mediafon Group
We know our job, we are professionals in it, yet we always evolve because even infinity is not the limit.
Mediafon Group
We not only listen but also hear our customers, including between the lines.
Mediafon Group
We follow the processes, but the end result is our primal focus.
Mediafon Group
We lead the market when it comes to process efficiency and innovation.
Mediafon Group
We respect different opinions and cultures.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

We are the only partner of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Lithuania. At Mediafon Group, our team members constantly improve and upgrade their skills and qualification via a long-term cooperation program with the university.

Social Responsibility

Mediafon Group is proud to contribute to over 20 initiatives that pursue social equality, support access to proper health services, promote sports and various publicly important projects.

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